Our Story

For countless years, as a woman of color, I struggled with trying to find the right hair products that would hydrate my unmanageable, kinky, coily tresses. After spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on different products that promised to hydrate, nourish, strengthen, and thicken my hair, I was left disappointed because my hair became even more dull and harsh-like. Not only did I find it difficult to pronounce most of the ingredients in the products that I once used, some were harmful to my hair and scalp.

I envied women whose hair was of a different texture because their hair had a looser curl pattern and appeared healthier, shinier, and longer; however, there was nothing I could do to change the nature of my hair but put a chemical relaxer in it, the “creamy crack” is what it is called in the natural hair community.

I began to research different oils, herbs, and clays that were readily accessible and affordable to experiment on my hair and document how my hair responded. My hair began to flourish. I finally began to fall in love with my hair and the versatility that it had.

Unfortunately, life happened and I needed extensive cervical spine surgery. This required the physician to shave a considerable amount of my hair off and due to the limitations of the movement in my neck, I could no longer style my own hair for months. My daughter, Jazmin began to care for and style my hair using my home made products. With each use, she would have a different comment regarding the health of my hair from….. “it’s not shedding as much as it did the last time” to “your hair is getting thicker” or “it seems like your texture is changing” to “your hair is growing, I need to use this on my hair”.

Jazmin opened Beauty Studios by J Sha’Day and with her new business venture, she encouraged me to step out on faith and share with all of you what I was using and sharing with close friends and family. These products brought our hair from a “failure to strive” to a “healthy and alive” state.

Thinking our hair won’t grow and there’s nothing we can do to achieve healthy hair are things of our past. Beautiful Goddess Essentials was born to help nourish, strengthen, treat, and grow our once unmanageable tresses.